Hi everyone:> today we have Fenja Shella and Chu can you introduce yourself a little bit:> 1. Introduce yourself Hi, I'm Fenja 24 years old Up to this point, I have been studying at Uni Augsburg for nearly 3 and a half years I am majoring in German with a minor major in English language and literature My name is Shella 21 years old this year I come from Indonesia and am studying Communication with Page:> Yeah right:> we are studying together Hello everyone :)) My name is Chu I'm from China Currently, I am also studying communication in Uni Augsburg First we will talk a bit about Language 🙂 This Fenja:> How many languages ​​can you speak:? Erm .. I speak English, German, Spanish, French and a bit of Plattdeutsch But Plattdeutsch probably doesn't count as a language n is the local language thui:> There are many friends asking me If you can only speak English then can they do well in Germany? And in everyday life, I don't know if there are any problems If the school or industry you choose has classes taught in English then of course it doesn't matter r My sub-discipline is also entirely in English The exam is also in English nchung is all forms of communication in the classroom are in English Of course, there are also disciplines that are not taught in English But the example that Trang is studying is entirely in English, right? or mostly in English? No =))) Communication industry? I do not study entirely in German but:> I can speak Indo English, German ehmm … what else is there French too:> =))) t just started learning What was your German language when you first came to Germany:? Not very good =)) I studied to B2 level in Indonesia After going to Germany, I learned the language for the first 3 months I was in B1 + level when I was here then I can understand basics in German r enough to survive :)) like shopping around here and there But, to be honest, I used to speak English often at first I can understand what everyone is saying, but I can't answer the type that doesn't express what I mean Well at first I had a problem It was the same with most people at first :)) At first I only spoke English Even though everyone speaks German, I understand But I react very slowly =))) Like it takes 5 minutes to say 1 sentence so I'm afraid you can't wait =))) so stop speaking in English 🙂 Yeah, it's difficult all the time but bh also passes r right k:> Yes, trying 1 tgian will be fine:> I can speak German, Chinese and English :)) Next is the issue of learning:> There are also many of you ask me what it feels like to go to university in Germany Is it difficult? But I study entirely in German but German is not my mother tongue So if I judge that studying in Germany is difficult, it is not very fair so I want to ask As a German, how do you feel about studying in Germany:? In my opinion, I do not consider what language to study in, studying university in particular has required a lot of time r but… You will get all the help you need professors are always ready to help If you have difficulty in understanding, you can ask at any time There are Tutor classes (review class type) Besides, the difficulty also depends on the major you study The industry t studying may be lighter than law for example :)) How do you feel about studying in university here? n is difficult for ck:? uhmm …….. also Right now, I'm only in the second semester so all knowledge is still quite basic also cannot be said to be easy kind of hard but not so hard to learn :)) I think it's because I study in German So it took me more time to understand the problem and really understand the post content but as said:> not to the point of not able to learn =)) Compare university study in Germany with other countries;) I just went to exchange school in the UK, right? yep:> in Bristol So how do you see that studying university in the UK differs from Germany:? Semester in England is quite different from Germany there is 1 midterm exam and 1 final exam midterm exam will account for 40% of the score and the final exam will account for 60% of the score the big exam is still at the end But the knowledge of the whole term will be divided into 2 parts and taken once in the middle of the term, 1 time at the end of the term In Germany, there is only one final exam that determines 100% of your score There is only 1 exam at the end of the term So if you do well, the good score will be high, but if you do it well, you will skip the whole term :)) That means there is only 1 chance, right k:? But that also means that studying in Germany is more leisurely during the semester right :)) Yes, that's right It also depends on the subject of study, but in general it is very comfortable time * we don't even have to take attendance :)) If you do not go to school regularly and do not learn to read the lesson regularly There will be plenty of free time But by the end of the term, it will be very hard to pass the exam Keeping dynamics is very important:> Up to now, I have been studying German for 5 years r because I have completed 1 degree in German language major in China r oh means you have 1 degree in China? So is studying in Germany much different from studying in China? of course very different r Because in China, most of the time I will do everything according to the teacher's request In Germany, p self-taught, no one gave me what to do I think n also has advantages and disadvantages The more free and comfortable the study environment, the more difficult it is for me to balance between studying and other things type p struggles to think about whether you want to study k Because of study or k, no one cares or tests at all that's why it takes a lot of self-awareness p motivates himself all the time About the difficulties in the learning process C can show the specific problems c is facing k:? both in the learning process and in everyday life about learning then The difficulty is certainly about the language barrier about daily activities Before that, back in Indonesia, I lived 3 years away from my parents, living with my aunt so I am used to being independent and taking care of myself r I can cook for myself So in the beginning how:? Well at first it was a bit difficult Because I must have been with you at least when I was with you But the bh here is really alone uh it was very hard to find a house at first, right:? p self-planned a lot even from the smallest things like moving the house, r going to the library to study this and that The first is still the language barrier I felt very bad at first After each lesson, I realized that I did not understand more than half of what the teacher said This period probably can't pass the subject But I want to tell all of the international students that Don't worry too much about it Not fully understanding what the teacher said is very normal no one was able to fully understand in the first place, Moreover, teachers teach in a language other than their native language understanding is almost impossible But it is important don't panic and be afraid to go to school but come home and calmly read the article again I find it very effective for me What I do not understand in class Then I will ask my friends or reread the document Or do research on the internet Just type on GG :)) It's okay to work a little harder than the Germans :)) uh of course r As a foreign student, we try hard on our own What I'm learning at Uni for German friends is also new You guys have never learned these technical words So for German people only, learning is quite difficult r It is possible that you are having difficulty listening to the lecture But to really understand the lesson, it takes more than that Also look to the brighter side of studying here :)) Why is it so difficult that you still want to continue studying here? because … t has come here, r =))) the life of t bh attached to this place r My parents are still in Indonesia but my studies are here, life is here r whether you like it or not, the bow will continue I came here to study and the goal is to graduate At some point =))) hope soon =)) Why did you choose Germany in the first place? I don't know Since going to school I have always wanted to study abroad r uh t too:> But at that time I also did not learn anything It wasn't until 12th grade that I started to learn about studying abroad After that, I know that studying abroad in Germany is not too expensive only German is a bit difficult After that, I told my parents and parents to agree to support me in school parents said "oke so go Germany" =))) uh here also has a lot of incentives for students So we feel very well:> okey as Chu said While studying here, there are many difficulties that I have overcome So why do you still want to continue studying here:? This depends on each person Because I think everyone's reasons are different for me I graduated with a degree in German in China r So I want to use my German to continue doing something meaningful But I don't want to continue to study German more deeply or do general language research Those are also interesting actually But myself, I don't have any special interest in such jobs So I decided to choose a completely different discipline to study is the media industry I'm glad that I can use my German to study a very interesting subject in Germany And especially I always want to experience new things ^^ And here is the conclusion:> ukie here for today:> thank you Shella for helping me answer these questions For those who want to study abroad in general and especially want to go to Germany Can c give you 1 wishes in my native language:> Good luck and don't be discouraged ^^ Good luck and be successful ^^ oke I will say a sentence in Chinese:> I wish you all the best and all the success ^^ Thanks:> tschüss!

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