Du học về làm gì?

Hello friends! I wonder if you've been through a situation like, you come back from school to your home country, you have a good degree with you, or plate by normal pass Or a little worse, no degree You come home with an ambiguity I don't know what I'm going to do now, what my life will be like But at the same time you also expect a little good life A slightly high-paying job a little bit of expertise working environment a bit civilized After answering, go back and answer one question but for 100 different people That's why I didn't stay after school then you ask yourself So why didn't I stay Fast forward a while and you are sitting here, surf facebook, watch youtube, look back at instagram pictures of the old days you go to school, I feel so miss. Looking back at the present Friends around me have a child to work from when you were in school now also manage The other was married to give birth to children called life stabilization Looking back, I do not understand where I am and where do we go from here Overall the situation sounds very tragic, doesn't it Then if you find yourself in that situation chances are you already have it one or more of the mistakes we observed of many international students when they finish studying in their home country. But it's okay, because I'm here and I love you, And I will get you out of this situation together with you The first mistake is being too indifferent and moody in the past When you change living environment, you agree Everyone needs time to get acquainted, But if you just look back on life over there And you guys miss that life too and then when you look back on life in Vietnam all things are annoying, difficult to get used to, difficult to accept if you keep like that then You can never move on to new life. Then the first thing you need to do is tidy it up Many of you come home from abroad to bring too many things After that, sometimes I left that suitcase for months without moving You need to take out all the contents of the suitcase to clean it up something to get in there arrange your new life Then there is an empty suitcase, then you put it in the closet After finishing cleaning the furniture, you need to clear your mind it is clear that now I will live my new life in Vietnam Maybe I won't be in Vietnam forever However, for a while here I will have a new life in another page here. I did not go to school anymore and so defining it clearly But don't be dreamy all the time You must be clear that your new life will be here now And in front of me there are many things waiting for me not just the past Second mistake The slightly opposite of the first mistake is There are some friends who are too impatient, just go back to Vietnam If you want to go to work immediately, you must settle down want everything right away. Then I give you a sincere suggestion are you guys slowly Don't go anywhere in a hurry. Everything will be fine but I need a while to rest and find balance. If the finance allows Then take a break for 1 month, 2 months without any problem If you still want to travel, then take advantage of it. But then go to work will begin a series of days without summer holidays like when I went to school The third mistake is the illusion of a perfect job according to passion When you were in a foreign country, you already envisioned that scene You return home, become a diligent manager, The salary is very high, the job is right for the hobby, the office is so modern and comfortable, working environment is civilized and polite. Then you go back to Vietnam and you discover none of that has come true All your dreams are like a broken mirror and now you feel you have no capacity, No talent, definitely no experience and even what I thought I would like to do Now I don't feel like it anymore. I don't know what to do now I'm sorry I have to tell you the truth work is work, not perfect passion People often have sentences If you do something you enjoy doing then you will never have to work a day in your life. False, completely wrong without that. Now let's say you like to draw you are passionate about drawing, you are drawing all day So you go to design lessons. After graduation, you can get a job as a designer That sounds like the right scenario of passion, doesn't it I assure you, when you go to work as a designer then you won't like to draw like before Why? Passion then it has become a responsibility The romance of liking to draw is lost You are disillusioned. Turns out the design job is not what you think it is Then the solution to this is you need to understand What is the perfect job for me Again, work is work, not a passion for perfection Perfect is not work that gives you the feeling that you never have to work That perfect job, is a job where you go to work 5 days a week for example 2 days you feel like it, There are 3 days left you feel you can stand it That is the perfect job already. Because it's work, there must be pressure, there must be things that I don't like That's what you absolutely have to accept, ha The fourth mistake is the salary illusion that you will receive when you return from overseas Agree that you have spent a lot of money to study abroad then the expectation of a high salary It's normal when I come back But it only happens when you pay Prove all the advantages that you acquired during school But people won't just look at your CV and say, "Master's degree in economics, A foreign university, high ranking, famous school OK, pay $ 10,000 a month " There is no such thing! Myself from school until now They also never had to hold a license to the filing company to prove that we have both People only look at the information in the CV People decide to give themselves an interview then people will know by just one interview its ability is commensurate with the degree that I have or not. That is the most important thing to lead to the salary you get from your job 5th mistake is also very related to mistake 4 is after you guys expect high salaries then you guys are lazy I've heard a lot of reasons already, whichever is Now that I come home from school, I have no experience in applying for a job, no acquaintances are difficult to apply for. But now nothing is easy If you want to eat, you must go to the kitchen, but what to do now Now you sit down you focus this You update the CV set up a profile above linkedin And if you are studying design, there must be a portfolio above Behance. Refine all that then I can start applying for a job You need to understand that a study abroad degree is not your strength but your strengths are your skills that you got from that study abroad trip Now you sit down and write down a piece of paper What are my strengths through studying abroad for example foreign language ability understanding of the foreign environment knowledge of how people organize their supply chains, the ability to analyze data scientifically, for example Then when there are those listed already Remember to show all of that in your CV and don't expect it to be because you have a master's degree They will make you the boss of people with a bachelor's degree You will be the boss when you are qualified as the boss It is not because the classmates are higher than others Then I have to slowly, If I had to go from below, it would be very normal Don't be in a hurry The sixth mistake is always sad and always miss life on the other side You know why you miss life on the other side it's because you have only been gone for a few years. If you stay make a living and live there then you will not be as happy as you think I have to give myself a chance to build a new life in Vietnam Find a job that suits me, make time for hobbies play sports, exercise Do whatever you like. Of course at this point work is still the most important thing Because I have a new income, I have hobbies, I can do sports Otherwise, nothing But I mean that in life everyone will find joy in different things So you need to stop comparing yourself to others and be optimistic, because if you don't enjoy life now it is time to get married I know that I have to give birth to have children There is nothing more precious than independence and freedom Hope you enjoyed the video just now Remember to comment for yourself below telling your story when you first came home from studying abroad Remember to like and subscribe because I will see you in the next videos as well Have a nice weekend, thank you!

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