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Hi everybody Welcome everyone to my Youtube channel If this is the first time you guys watch my video My name is Bao Khanh, I'm 25 years old and and I am currently working in Japan According to everyone's request, I will do it today a small video to answer the questions everyone's about studying abroad in Japan. 2 years ago I was a Japanese student, and Some friends texted me asking about how to apply to study in Japan Cost like and life Is living here OK? So I will sum up the questions and answer for you in this video. But to not make the video boring, I will go bake cupcakes and answer everyone's questions. Yesterday I prepared all the ingredients So now, just a little preliminary processing will be available cupcake to eat …. First question, When did I go to Japan? I have been to Japan since September 2013 and till now I've been in Japan for about 6 years and 1 month The second question is what school do I go to? And what industry? I attend Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University . This is my school. I study marketing Now I will beat the eggs That third question is Why did I choose Japan and not another country? Because at that moment Then the choice to go to Japan is my best, so I just go to Japan but not because of me I like Japan too Or is there a reason it's special that it's just I submitted a lot of schools and chose to go to Japan It is the fastest and most optimal solution for me at that time Just say that baking But I'm not good at baking either The next step will be for the dough Add a little Add a little cocoa I don't have a baking recipe I do everything very spontaneously. So I hope it won't break The next question is Does studying abroad in Japan have a lot of money? Um …. This is quite a sensitive question Because I don't know how to answer either for this question too The cost to go to Japan is a bit lower than in some countries For example, going to Australia or England or America As for tuition and accommodation costs Suppose like in the past, I would accept it tuition scholarships and a little accommodation So prepare to go I don't lose too much money Of course I will still prepare a deposit to give people a portion of the tuition I have to pay part of the cost of accommodation that I have to pay When i go I have to prepare about 150-200 million It depends on the school you apply for. If you apply, try to get a scholarship then the money you will have to pay less If you cannot apply for a scholarship, you must pay from A to Z For the whole from A to Z, the cost to go it will be higher. Depending on the school you apply for, depending on the scholarship you get and depending on which city you live in. However, in terms of the cost of living, the cost of living in Japan for an international student. then I think it poured in about range from 12 to 18 million depending on how much you spend, in there including food and drinks Now, I will put the flour that I made and then into a paper cup to bake I find it not difficult to make cupcake I just hope I won't break it Already. The next question is Do you need to be good at Japanese if you study abroad in Japan? I have 2 answers for you that are If you choose a school that allows you to study in English Then people do not have Japanese requirements for you and you don't need to be good at Japanese to study in Japan However, if you choose to study in Japanese then Japanese language is required Then of course We must be good at Japanese in order to learn and acquire knowledge in Japanese, right? In the past, in our school they had 2 options: choose to study in Japanese or study in English And I chose to learn English So when I left, people didn't have any Japanese requirements for me. Here, I want to share with you a little experience That is whether you are studying in Japan, and studying in Japanese or studying in English I advise that we should know a bit of basic Japanese before going to Japan, we won't be surprised when we come to Japan. and have no difficulty in daily communication In the past, when I went to Japan I was very subjective because I think studying in English should I don't prepare any Japanese at all During the first 2 months, I struggled quite as well and met quite a lot of difficulties in daily life, in communication in my daily life So don't be subjective, if you've already studied Japan at least some basic Japanese is required daily communication, to manage get the everyday life without facing too many difficulties My life lesson The next question is Can Japanese study abroad work part-time? My answer is yes Because for our student visa We have 28 hours a week to work part-time And in the past when I went to school for 4 years, I also worked part-time I started to work part-time keyword 2, ie the second half of the first year semester. At that time I started to go and add Working part-time also helps me to be good at Japanese Done again Help me earn a little more money to pay for money for my daily expenses too The next question is also related to part-time work Is working part-time to earn a lot of money? I know that many of you study abroad Japan with a mindset is wanting to make a lot of money If our goal is to make money It is best not to study abroad but to work as well If the goal is to study abroad, we determined that we won't make much money because of most of our time was devoted to learning It is true that while studying abroad, when working part-time then we can make money But it won't make much money Only after graduating, after going to work, can we earn more than when we went to school My cake pot has already burned. I forgot to pay attention My cake it …. haizz. So sad But that's okay, we will continue with the Q&A video with burning chocolate cupcake pot Now, we'll put this in the fridge and let it cool down, then I'll put the cream on and we can eat it. Just 15 minutes While waiting I will prepare some fruit for a while to eat cake and watch movies grapes okie The cake is out Put the cream on The last question everyone has for me is after studying in Japan is finished Should I work at work or return home? Not too bad either In my case, after graduating from university I decided to stay here and work I have been working as an inter-ship since my 2nd year of university and after I graduate, I will I stayed at the company. You always have 2 options: return home or stay in Japan Then I see If you like Japan and you would like to have more experience working in Japan want to add that experience to my resume then whether to stay in Japan for 1-2 years or 3 years It will be useful to us If you really don't feel like you are suitable with Japanese and working in a Japanese environment it makes you feel pressured, stressed because obviously go to work in Japan will be very stressful, I think There is also nothing wrong with the choice of Vietnam. Even in the environment Vietnam has There are many more growth opportunities and life in Vietnam is also much more interesting There is one more case, if you want to start a career too without having to work for others I think if I go back to Vietnam or choose another country it would make more sense, because it would be very difficult to start a company in Japan I am still working in Japan now And I think I'll work here more After a while, I will count on Now, I have no intention of returning to Vietnam Tasty That's all I think I should end my video here and I hope these shares answer a few of your questions. Help you guys a bit Considering whether to study abroad in Japan or not? Thank you everyone for watching my video. See you all next week. Bye bye Tasty Delicious.

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