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Hello friends! Hello friends! Hello friends! In today's Q&A video, I will answer the questions you leave me was on Instagram the day before Today there is one of my aides here, Assistant Hoang, still not able to avoid the hand-biting habit You comment to me saying that when he bites his hand, he loves me. But I can't let it continue this habit Because when I have a baby, if it keeps playing with people like that, by biting like that, it would be very, very bad So it will have to leave its hand biting The questions I have selected and I have put in the device already I apologize for not being able to answer all of your questions You left 1,700 some cheating comments, That's why I can only answer a few. I'm sorry. The next day I will answer more Now, let's start with the first question @ _hein.do_ (account name of the questioner) "Sister, let me ask the reason why you did not live in the UK but came back to Vietnam to work? I myself am an international student so I am a bit curious about this Do you feel that it is best to stay in Vietnam or settle abroad I would be very happy if you could answer me Have a nice weekend, love you so much! " Usually, the story of international students staying or returning home, it often gives some people a bit of a misnomer That is, many people often think that International students only have good skills, only ignorant students will return This is not true! A lot of people say: "Whoever goes abroad never wants to go home" That is, one does not understand anything and have no observation at all People just say that Maybe people know 1-2 cases of wanting to stay abroad And it is thought that everyone is like that Is not so :)))) When you go abroad to study there, Then my suggestion for you is that you need to think about it the job of staying abroad or returning home It is best suited for me You have to turn your face on you guys Why do you turn your ass back everyone wake up 🙂 There are people:> There is no general formula for this That is, you must see with personality like you, your abilities and where are the best opportunities in the industry When you go abroad, you will experience the foreign environment, you will know: "Overseas we are more suitable or in Vietnam we are more suitable This must be experienced in order to know It is impossible for you to sit in Vietnam and have not yet studied abroad and have decided on that and there's really no reason You have to decide right from when you have not studied abroad You don't have to decide You will either stay or return to your country when you are not studying abroad Once you learn, you may have time to make more decisions But that is not the time when you guys have not gone yet For me, when I went to study abroad I have a lot of things that I like about the overseas environment I like a lot of things in foreign countries And I really opened up my eyes when I was abroad However, to live there is a completely different story Do I like the rhythm of living there? Do I want to really become a citizen like there? Then the answer is no! I returned to Vietnam and I went to Saigon, I felt this was home I always feel happy here Sometimes when walking on the street, I feel that I see this Saigon and I also feel happy It is very strange! This place gives me a very special feeling I have a very strange feeling and I cannot explain to the land of Saigon That's why I live in Saigon Then my suggestion for you is to try it Where do we go, let's feel, Let's live like a local and let's give that place a chance You have to give Vietnam a chance, give foreigners a chance And compare it to see where you live where you feel like better, Where do you live, you have more opportunities, earn more money, more favorable job? And where you feel happier, you live there There certainly won't be a formula that is universal for everyone That is why each international student needs to find their own answers! @ tptung0801 "How to truly be yourself, live a happy life without regard to the judgments of others, No more worrying for fear of making others dissatisfied with you? Thank you!" These things are not easy to do, for sure. But it will come according to life experience, the more you live, Contact with more people, the more opportunities you will have developing a self-control Of course I will have to work a lot, I myself need to get a job that I love I need to have fun for myself I need to make good friends Since I have everything for me, This is a job that I love, good friends around me I really know who I am, what my personality is like, what do I want? Then I will really understand that I need to live for myself and you will really see that what's not important and what's important And that needs to come out of a life experience When you were in that high school, It's easy for you to think that that high school is your whole world Then really at that time it was your whole world You pay attention to the words that teachers say, you pay attention to the words that friends say about you And that's all for you. That's all you have And that is completely normal, I can understand for you However, when you go out, you will see that the world is too big And your teachers who are in the same class as you and hate you are nobody That's why when you have a little bit of life experience, You will look back on the old days and you will find that it is the thing that you care about for that group I hate you in class, slander them You will realize that it doesn't matter how much You will realize how big life is and there is always room for everyone No matter what your personality is You will match, You will fit into a certain group of people Then you will always have for yourself a relationship circle like me Wherever you go, If you open your heart to it, you give that place a chance, you give the others a chance, Then you will find a place for yourself And only if you have these more life experiences, You get in touch with more people than this, you are more tolerant of others and you understand yourself better Then you can truly live for yourself and not care about what others say @ emily_tran565 "How to confidently communicate with new people?" This question I see a lot Your question Emily is just one of many questions of the same content Then I answer for you always The key to good communication is listening! Isn't it easy? In fact it is easier to listen than to talk It's harder to say than to hear, right? But many times you forget about that Sometimes you forget to listen You forgot to give someone a chance to say, you talk too much and you only care about the questions in your mind, You do not interact with other people That is when other people are talking, you will not listen because you are worried "Ah, what do I say next?" "Do I look stupid?" "Do I look ugly?" "Do people judge me?" "Am I fat?" That is, you are wondering with a thousand questions in mind about whether other people like you? While they were talking and you didn't listen to them, Then how do you communicate with people, right? You have to interact with people when they say something you have to hear Then you interact with people and you show a real interest in other people's stories then others will find an empathy for you New people are ready to hear you speak If people say talk for a while, and you just know: "Yeah!" Then you don't follow, you don't ask questions, you don't do anything It's very difficult for people to connect with you, right? Actually, successfully communicating with others comes from listening to others first While listening, this, Then you will have something to say and a story line to tell people! @ nhanpt_03 "What's the secret to you being as successful as you are today?" Saying it out a lot, but I think in summary it can be said I have some points, I notice myself But I think those things have brought a happy, successful life today In my opinion, as I am that success, that is, I wake up every morning and I feel very happy about the day ahead I do the work I love, I have the life I want, I have good friends I have enough money to take care of me, take care of my children And later on is the biological child I gave birth to Then according to me like that is success! My family feels happy about me And I have nothing to complain about in my life right now Then I think some of my secrets The first thing is to do what you like It sounded like "Yeah, I know, it's hard, I keep talking!" However, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing things that I love You need to do the thing that you love most in the world You can work from morning to night without you getting tired You guys really love that You want to tinker, make more, how to do better, how to do this, how to get that But you do not make excuses If your excuses are: "Yeah, I can't do this because of this" "Because I don't have a good phone, I can't record a video" "Because I couldn't study filmmaking, I couldn't act." When you make excuses like that, it proves that you haven't loved it, those areas as much as you think Everyone entering any field has their own difficulties Everyone has their own set of problems Certainly there are people with more conditions than you. Certainly there are people who are born with many conditions and people learn a lot People can go to many places, for example their parents create many conditions for people Much more than you might be Sure! This life is never flat for everyone However, how hard you try to get that You need to start with the work you like best Although that job may not be the "hot job" in society Nobody thinks fashion is a hot job Nobody thinks marketing is a hot job, ten years ago! But I still study because I like it! I don't need the neighbor to admit that "Ah, this girl does well, well!" I don't need my relatives to admit that "This child does well, well! Go to medicine, pharmacy, law school." I don't need people to admit that I study "serious disciplines". I don't need that! I learn what I love And I just need to prove it to me I do what I love most And when I'm good, when I have a high skill with the job that I love Then we will sell that effort, we can sell the brain let me have money, let me have success And the second secret I thought I always understood that everything has a price WHAT comes at a price! I fully understand that I'm not exercising as often as I should! Therefore, my body is not as beautiful as I want it to be I totally understand that but I'm still lazy to exercise That is I accept and I do not blame others That taking responsibility for yourself, understand that everything has a price and we have to pay for it Not blaming others is very important for successful people You don't see successful people sitting blaming and complaining ~ and blaming it, blaming the other Is it right?! My previous work was in a very high-end segment and allowed me to interact with people considered as belonging to the super rich, in Vietnam. Can say so! And after a few times with those people, I found that they had something in common There is a sister, I would like to hide her identity However, you can understand her as one of the most successful and richest people in Vietnam. She owns very large companies in Vietnam She said to me "I do it, honey, whatever it is, I do my job, don't complain, I do not complain, I hate people who complain most! " When I heard that once, I immediately understood the problem That's how people succeed you Everything one must start from small to big, everything it will go through many difficulties People who are very successful people also start with the smallest steps But because people don't complain, they don't blame them, people accept to pay the price for what they want that's why they have what they have today This next question, Hoàng @ iam.ninhhyanny "Sister, are you going to write a book?" Have!!! 1 book is in the oven I'm a bit slow compared to my desired progress, However, this is my first time writing a book And I want to give this book it's really good That's why I'm a bit slow and I'm a bit perfectionist I hope you will be able to wait for me a bit But surely a book it was going to be about to be released It is being trained in a furnace>, < So I hope you will be waiting for my book! @sagebabybie "Sister, how can you reduce phone addiction? I feel like I spend a lot of time surfing the internet or watching idle things This is a problem I think many people have. Looking forward to your answer " The secret to phone addiction is not try to put your phone aside and tell yourself that you need to reduce your phone addiction The secret to reducing phone addiction is finding yourself other activities It is equally fun For example do you like to write? Do you like reading? Do you like to draw? Do you like sports? Do you enjoy club activities at school? What I like, I have to do it more, voluntarily and happily then you can distract yourself from the phone I squeezed my mouth shut, I forbid myself from doing something, it was very difficult But I use other things to make up for it, I take other ones so I can replace it Other things I like, it will be easier and it will be more effective, it will be more practical @harryseyo "A simple life is not easy to get used to and adapt to for a long time How do you make a simple life? " Actually, it's my standard thing to simplify things I simplify everything in the house, I simplify my thinking, I simplified all relationships, and I simplified everything at work Everything can be simplified! As long as you have a little bit of life experience, you will know what's important and what's not! You need to have a little bit of experience And it will take some time to really get caught up in the little things that don't matter Buy small and cheap things that do not bring you much benefit it ended up putting dust in the house and it was never used And it makes you feel like a real waste of money You have to go through a time like that before you can have a little bit of life experience so you can know what's important and what's not With a little bit of such life experience, you try to think about the way you live, how I save money, how I buy things and how I handle work Resolve relationships for you to see as "Well why did I worry about it so much at that time? "Why did I buy so many earrings at that time when in the end it doesn't matter?" Come to think of it, after thinking like that, you will gradually simplify things And after a while I promise you "Living simply is definitely simpler than living complex." I mean when you've learned how to simplify things Actually, the simplification sounds vague But, you can understand more clearly like that Simplification means focusing on what's most important and eliminating the less important. That is its basic principle Then a little bit of life experience will give you that skill if you keep thinking about it And when you do that already, You have simplified everything already then your life will be a lot easier I have no difficulty living simply "whiff … skipped" ….. all * laughs * You understand what you mean: ') I mean, I'm really happy with my simple life I'm really happy with it! Every day I wake up, I feel happy, I feel simple, I feel relieved grapes … nh … * ơ … ơ … * Urgh naturally my tongue doesn't belong to me anymore 🙂 I mean I feel relieved in my life, in my decisions So that's a good thing, isn't it? Meanwhile I don't have to practice or be separate from the world or what =)) I still do everything I need to do, I still got the job done, I still live for myself, I still live for my family and friends I still do everything a normal person does. Just in a simpler way: ")) @yiuubb "How do you share positive energy every day?" Positive energy every day will come from the things I do, I love What does that mean? For example: I like the work I'm doing, I like the friends I'm playing, I like the animals that I am raising Those things she can completely control I can choose the work I do I cannot choose the subjects I study in school, I understand: ') Go to school, you must accept it (hic) But later when I grow up I will have the choice of life that I want. And to have that choice you need to pay for it I like cats and dogs! Then you have to be responsible for it, you have to feed it, you have to take care of it in the best way That is the price you pay for loving cats and dogs I find joy in giving these unlucky dogs and cats a better life. Then that's what I was responsible for She is responsible for her work She is responsible for her friends' choices She plays with friends, she always tries to reach people with all her heart Then everything has its price. However, do the things I love and decide to make the decisions I enjoy, which I feel happy about is the way to have positive daily energy. One more little thing: Is when I have a little more life experience, then you will find that there is no reason to be negative! Really! When I am positive or when I am negative, one day it will pass and also the day I will disappear One day I will die and this time of my life is not forever So why was I born into the world, I have a base (about that) of years I lived in the world Why am I not trying to have fun with it? Why am I not trying to find fun with it? Right? Why should I be sad? @onlygrew: "When work or studying is too much, it makes you like you don't have time to breathe, what will you do?" It is very difficult to learn Because their learning is in a passive position The children are passive as to how much of that exercise Must read that article, mandatory to do this and that Agree! But when you grow up at your age, for example Then I have a number of ways to make me feel breathless, not breathless because of work 🙁 Am I being crushed by the mountain? Have! Every day, every week, I'm being crushed by the mountains. Sure! But! The way I do it is that I have the first thing that I have these two assistants Surely you can't have an assistant in the first place But since you guys can afford an assistant You should have 1 to 2 assistants to give them the jobs they can help you with Then that's one way. Having an assistant is one way I understand that this way most of you will not apply But let me explain That the assistant did for me is the job classification: from most important to least important Then I will choose the most important ones for me to deal with first And I understand that: Not everything that comes, I can also solve it immediately If it doesn't work, I can do it immediately I understand that! When it came to work The first thing I do is distinguish what to do first and what to do after Well then, when I split up like that, I understand that there are only 24 hours a day So, there will be things I don't get done today So today we have to do something first and what we can do tomorrow Then that is how to organize my work Sort by order with priority from most important to least important I have to know what to say No to what I can say No to anything And what I have to do This you need to understand very well There won't be a secret to you in a second that you can do all the work and you are no longer holding your breath =)) Surely in your life you will feel stress many times, will feel the work it presses many times However, you will have to find ways to prioritize tasks and assign timers to do those tasks one by one Then, you will solve the job in the most reasonable way @ lizi.mimisu "Sister, please share tips on financial management after getting married. Is it different from when you were single? I see that you have been able to buy a house for yourself from such a young age And as I shared I never spend more than the money she earns So do you have any tips to accumulate for great plans like buying a house and perfecting a house like that? " When I want to make big shopping decisions, then I have to sacrifice small purchases You find yourself buying very little clothes, very few miscellaneous items that we decorate in the house very little If I sacrifice those things, I will "turn into a big" I do not have any miscellaneous shopping to save money I didn't spend much in the early years of my career So I have some savings When I got that salary, The first thing I do is to use the Internet Banking on my phone We split it in half, or about 1/3 to separate it to get into your savings account right away Then that savings it will be there and it will serve me when I need a large amount of money You save small, small and small But if you do that, you will spend as much as you can, but you will not earn much, but you can afford it You can't just keep making too much food You have to set aside a little bit more, you set aside a space At the same time, you think: How can I make more money? How do I do overtime? How can I improve my qualifications so that I can get a higher paying job? Or is What can I do? What more can I sell? What to add to this life? So I can have more income Then those two will help you buy the things that you want to buy That means you have to know what you want to buy I give you an example For example: There are people my age who really like brand-name goods And pouring a lot of money on brand names Then when people do that To buy the brand name goods, people will have to sacrifice somewhere else That is, you have 10 coins, then surely you will have to devote a large amount of space to what you feel is the most important Other intervals, of course, are smaller. Right? Money is not just flowing in like a stream So, almost anyone should prioritize one and less favor others Then, do I like brands, do I like beautiful shirts? Of course everyone likes! However, I choose not to give priority to those things, save money for bigger things Then that is a way for me to prioritize my finances Do I have a scientific spending plan? Is not! Do I keep a record of what I spend? Is not! However, it is because I have saved money from before That is the first one The second one is Before I buy anything, do I think I really need this item? For small dishes, Do I really sit and think if I need this? If necessary and if used more, then buy If you buy it, you can only use it 1 or 2 times or you like it and then throw it away It keeps dust, I have to clean it, I don't buy it! Those are small dishes! For large dishes, I have to think longer, I have to leave it. Go home! Do you want to buy one week later? Then come back to buy! One month later, do you want to buy (for very large items)? Then come back to buy! But I don't have to emotionally make financial decisions Those are 2 tips for your financial balance that you can refer to Hey Hoang !!!!! Hope you enjoyed the video just now And also hope that my answers can give you some suggestions So what! Like videos and subscribe to the channel because I will come back with new videos every Wednesday and Sunday! Connect with me, contact me on Facebook and Instagram @GIANGOIVLOG too! I thank you for taking the time to watch my videos and Hoàng Goodbye everyone! Goodbye! ❤ Goodbye! Goodbyetttttt The subtitles are done so many people wish you a happy video !! Phuonglinh❤

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